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Rolling  Stock

Without Rolling Stock a Railroad goes nowhere, except like mine around in a dog-bone circle. Commodities need to move and we need something to pull behind our expensive engines.  At first I had the Bachmann  cars, still have some of them. They were rolling all over the layout. As the new MR&L took over a new batch of rolling stock was needed and obtained.  The San Juan Car Co fit the bill  but not the pocket book.   I bought almost a whole tax returns worth one year. 

I have  a Loco Painters Rotary Snow Plow and Spreader with about 3,000 castings to put together some day.

I am going to show you here several kinds  of the rolling stock that the MR&L has in their inventory. These are what were formerly the cars of the D&RGW, which was acquired by the MR&L.

FWIW;   Even though the RTR (ready to run) cars say they are , the fact is they are  made for 0n3 and not 0n30. The company includes 0n30 wheels and axles and as such I need to  chop parts off the bottom to run with the more narrow wheel sets.  I use the San Juan Evolution couplers, 0n3, couplers on all the rolling stock.

The paint I used on the kits varied.  Since the demise of Floquill paints all of us Model Builder are in search of the best paint for the job.  I have several brands of paints and have settled on just a couple.  Doing some research about the paints has led my chase to these brands of paint;  For small details of varied colors which need to be hand painted I chose the Reaper brand.  For spraying the colors I wanted something easy to work with.  I tried several brands and found this company has the paint I needed. Modelers Decal & Paint .

All of my craftsman wood kits and San Juan cars are painted with the MDP brand of paint.  All of my cars and engines that have painted weathering i.e. mud and soot use the MDP colors.



Oil Cars

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