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Log cars


My Log Cars are kitbashed from the San Juan Car log cars.  The  frame in the model kits were 11”, which was too  long for my railroad, and several of them were warped.  I made new frame pieces from bass wood, in 3 pieces, glued in a way they wouldn’t warp and reduced down in length. I used  a Dremel tool, round sander, to cove the frame where the wheels turn under it.  All the rest of the parts are used from the model kits.   I used “Ready to Run” Trucks from San Juan as they looked better than what was with the kits as pieces one makes. The log car kits are so light in weight, I used sheet lead on the bottom of the frame and then a piece on the top.  The larger log loads I made from old Cedar  shingles shaved on a rasp tool, The smaller logs were left over Tree Kits from Coastman’s products.

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