I ask myself this, why do I bother with these kits if I have to rebuild them.  It’s FUN !! So much fun that I  whistle Zippy De Do Da out of my a...... .


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A Wiseman Model Kit. I bought it some time ago and it was almost all Resin cast.  I think the kit was so old and sat on a shelf in the heat for so long all the resin casting were so warped and brittle they were not usable.

And as usual for me, I remade all the parts for the model.  Used a San Juan box car frame, which I had to extend it by 1”.  I put a wood deck on, made a new pilot house from wood. Made new blades from sheet Styrene. The metal castings were still good, I used them.   It was supposed to have trucks with it. NOT. It had wheel sets, but no side frames. It did have some bolsters, which I did not use as the San Juan frame had them built in.


 Here is a  way to make rusty parts show from  under the paint.  Paint the part to be rusty a rust color. Coat it with a water spray and grate salt on it. I use a preloaded  salt grater, it gives you different size spots. After the salt dries, handle CAREFULLY,  paint it with the color you desire. Then after that dries, brush, rub, scrape off the salt and you have paint peeled rust spots.  Leave some areas of salt on and it looks like the paint is blistering.