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I started 0N30 with Bachman Steam Locomotives and their rolling stock.  It became apparent to me that it just wasn’t enough.  After much, and I mean a lot of searching on the Internet for something else I discovered that there was more to the 0n30 model railroad  than what was in the local hobby store.

I found web sites which showed all these wonderful 0n30 engines and rolling stock. Where did they get them.  After more searching I found Mountain Model Imports, a division of Precision Scale Co sold through this company Southwest Narrow Gauge.(The owner of this  business it not friendly and charges up to 50% and more than market value.)  I had already a H0N3 brass engine by Precision Scale from 40 years ago.   Ok, I found the engines and what about the rolling stock?  San Juan Car Co. jumped out at me. I bought their kits and some RTR items and  have put almost all the Bachmann stuff back it the boxes.

I discovered some time ago DCC and Sound for the Railroad.  All my engines have Soundtraxx  TSU 22000 sound DCC controllers in them.  Also, I have installed 0N3 couplers on all my rolling stock from the San Juan Car co.



Years ago I always wanted to have my own railroad name on my model railroad. I found a company that made decals and ordered some.  They are just the thing to have on ones layout.  All the engines and cars now have my railroad name on them.








Diesel Yard Switcher

Yes I know this is not a steam engine. I bought this as a yard switcher, however it did not operate too well on my track. As most of it was handlaid it is not quite smooth.  I have converted this engine over to Dead Rail- Battery operated wireless. It will tow a converted coal tender and be the gopher truck around the yard with small fire fighting capabilities.

This is an American Model Supply Co. brass engine. I reworked the front grill and moved the front light onto the body.