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K-27   #455, #463K





Above is an MMI engine,   a post wreck D&RGW 455. This is a K-27 model.   This is smaller than the K-28’s of which there are 3 on the layout.  I had to really work this one over after opening the box.  The quality on this one was not too good.  I decided to repaint it as it looked as if it was plasti-dipped.  Many of the brass “soldered” on features were not, but held in place by the paint, The paint was so thick it hid many small details of the casting.  All is well now..


Above is an MMI engine,   C&TS  463. This is a K-27 model.   A special production of the MMI K-27 for the “Friends of the C&TSRR” It seems the people in Korea where these models are made really do not care for the quality control models used to have.  I had to take this engine completely apart and resolder the major frame parts back together. Rebuild the tender trucks, what a mess they were.  Rewiring these engines when they are supposed to be DCC ready, HA!  On this, as all the engines there are only two electrical pick up points; the right tires of the Loco and the left wheels of the tender. If the frame remained bent as it was there was only electrical contact to the track when I pushed down on the engine.  If it wasn’t  for the fact that I am able to do the work myself, and they are really good looking, and they are the only thing on the market, I would not buy them.