The Crane. A Backwoods Miniature from England. This is an Etched Brass model. It is my first ever of this type. good thing it was  O scale, as I never would have made it.  It was designed to go on a Bachmann diesel  Yard engine HO scale. I made for a flat car.  The flat is a San Juan Car Co. flat kit I chopped up and lowered in the center as It needed the lower height to go under one tunnel entrance , plus  it  is a little top heavy.

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crane 6035

The boom extends outward over an Idler flat. The Flat car has been shortened in length.  Again I made it not operational as there was no reason to let it do something and it was not a functional model anyway.  I painted it primer red at first then a yellow. Removed most of the yellow with paint stripper and then dipped it in brass blackening solution.  Followed with chalk weathering and paint.

crane3 crane4

The model came with a tall flat water tank for the boiler, but I decided not to use it. Awful looking.  I had this cast-in-resin water tank, wood, painted it and used it as the water supply. It fills up the space behind the crane nicely.  A length of solder is the rubber hose supplying the water to the boiler.