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The Exterior finish is painted a very faded Tuscan Red with a tarpaper roof.   I am trying a new paint for this one as Floquill and testors have stopped production.  This one is Acetone based Acrylic. 

The fuel tank is a resin casting.  I used Weathered flat black for the base with chalk powder for the rust, and of course the concrete base.

Tool Shed

The Tool Shed is the 3rd of the SW kits I am working on.  The kit consists of the building , loading ramp/dock, and a fuel pump with tank.  There are a lot detail casting included with this kit, but of course not in the picture.  Like all the other buildings the details will go on after installation.  This kit is a board on board contstruction.  It has interior wall studs but they will not be visible in this model kit, as   I didn’t feel like modeling the interior for this one.

tool shed (7)

tool shed (8)

tool shed (6)

tool shed (9)

tool shed (5)