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Shed 1258.

This building under repair was a quick thought  for a new building at Payne Jct. I was originally planning on a simple shed near the water spout as a storage for the grease and oil cans.  When I started working on the framing it turned out so well, I decided to use it as a continued construction project for the railroad.  It was started during the year, before winter, and left alone and then continued the next year with new wood for siding and roofing material.  The sub-floor, floor, show water staining from the winter snow and the wood has aged slightly.  The new materials are lighter in color as they are, well, new.


The construction of Shed 1258, here, is by the water column.  It will be a storage shed for the grease, oil, paint and what-not for the railroad which stops here for water and depot business.

shed_04 shed_05 shed_06

Closeups of the shed interior and blueprint table.