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The Sanding Facility

Every Railroad should have one of these types of facilities for use.  Traction is needed for the steel tires on the steel tracks, so sand is applied onto the tracks in front of the driving wheels and the sand gives more “bite” to the traction.

This model is one of those Laser cut kits.  I am using only a portion of the kit as almost all of the support wood was laser cut and was terrible looking. I replaced almost all of the support members with my own cut scale lumber.  The walls and spout are the only thing left from the kit. Live and learn.


It seems the fellows filling the sand dome on the engine get a little carried away with the job and overfill sometimes. Job security, they could at least shovel it up and put it backf.

Another view of the facility.

This scenery item is another “work in progress”, which means as I think of items to add to the ground clutter or the tank I will add it.  Most of my layout is built using this technique.


Close up of the sand bin. A canvas tarp covers most of the sand.  It is filled the old fashioned way, by hand and shovel from the bed of a truck.  There is enough sand here to last a whole career of a railman.