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Redwood Trees

A couple of type of Redwood Trees are modeled here.  The Coast Redwood and then the Sequoia Redwood.  They do not belong in the same habitat together in the real world.  I modified these Coastman products to have the trunks flare at the bottom to give the illusion of the root system.  I use Fiber Paste to sculp the bottom of the trees and then colored them to match the rest of the tree.  The Sequoia Tree is hand built using wire for limbs glued into the trunk and then the fiberous coconut material attached to the limbs.  It also has a different type of foliage color than the Coast Redwood tree.


Coast Redwoods on the left and the Sequoia on the right/center.


The trunks are molded into the ground.  Lichen grows on the trunks nearest the river.