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The Water column at the Payne Jct station.  It is supplied via a water pump in the river at the North East end of town.  I scratch built this from Brass in a couple of nights work.  A concrete base hold it in place.

Dr Who fans will know this object. It may appear in different places on the railroad at times.

And the usual trash bins. i have placed them all around the layout in the repective trash areas.

Payne Jct.

Here is my first Town.  This is the collection of the individual buildings I have made and have finally a place to plant them.

This area is named by two things; 1st, it is after my good friend Brett Payne, to remember him by and 2nd, it is the junction of 5 railroad tracks/lines at the thin bottleneck of the layout and was a pain to configure.  The town is supported by the rail line at the Payne Jct station,. The store is a combination of dry goods, post office, bus depot.  The owner of the  Mercantile store, also runs the gas station and auto repair.  It is the only one around for many miles.

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The river separates the eco systems of the Desert and the Mountain terrain.  I have planted some of my make of  conifer trees here; some live and some dead.  The roots are sticking out of the bank over the river

A couple of Railfans snapping photos of the train as it crosses the trestles.

The old Oaks were replaced by my Giant conifers.