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 2015 - 2016


The addition of a new 4 stall engine repair facility.  It took 8 months to build.  It includes the 4 stall roundhouse, yard, turntable and warehouse.




The addition of a new Mid Yard Logging engine repair building along with a mainline water tower and coal facility.

A major project was undertaken. Removal of the metal fascia around the layout. Painting of the ceiling and adding LED lighting along with the ceiling soffits. The back side wall was cut thru for an addition into another room for layout expansion.  This removed the bookshelf Logging layout from the walls of the main layout area, opening it up for better viewing and operation.

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Changing the scenery at the curve cut to match the rest of the canyon walls and adding new buildings and lighting to the Elson Mine.



Progress with the new logging area is in full swing. 


Breaking the back wall out and moving the logging layout to the rear.  Now a place for the Sawmill. A WYE for the logging layout and a station stop for the main line with added sidings and passing track.

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 2020- The Pandemic year

May - present

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My Model Railroad “friends” talked me into building a new addition to the layout.  Of course at MY expense this is what ensued.  A 12’x12’ addition for a staging yard and wye.  Plus new sidings for the long awaited and much needed Quarry for Coal  and Gravel.