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In the beginning I created a railroad.  I made it out of a wood table, screen wire, Plaster De Paree’.  Times have changed. This time I used styrofoam for the base with cork roadbed on the top. I hand laid most of the track. Handmade 95% of the turnouts. I laughed at the foam at first then I realized it was, for me the easiest to make a mess and mistakes with. I can and have changed it several times and it goes back together pretty easy with its cool hot glue. The  present layout started in the house in a spare bedroom, I moved it out to my former photo studio and it grew. I  use the NCE DCC power system and JMRI for control of my railroad. I am going to go Dead Rail for several of the smaller engines as they do not operate on the track too well. I.e. the switcher, Climax, Shay.

The building my layout is in.

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First Page - 2010 -June 2013

Second Page - June 2013  -  February 2014

T hird Page  - 2015 - 2020


The types of controllers.  DCC, Smart Phones by JMRI.  A card dispatch control system.

Fourth Page  - 2020- 2021

Dispatch Desk - 2021


Each town or stop has direction from and to signs. Just the next stop is indicated.