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Kinsey Valley

So named for Darius Kinsey, a Railroad Photographer, from the late 1800's thru the early 1900's.

This valley, located between two mountain ranges, was formed during a Glacial period.  The valley is a Glacial Moraine. A Moraine is any accumulation of unconsolidated debris (regolith and rock), sometimes referred to as glacial till, that occurs in both currently and formerly glaciated regions, and that has been previously carried along by a glacier or ice sheet.

Evidence to that is visually present by the size and amount of rock abounding on the landscape. Grading for the Railroad roadbeds, the rocks were deposited into the areas between the roadbeds for the Railroad.

The valley receives ample rainfall and is lush with grasses.  The water table is close to the surface, and in some places vernal pools are evident.

Several Industries use the valley for their home businesses. There are two stations located in the valley, Kinsey station and Trotter station, which both are served by the Minieton Railroad Co.  The Kinsey Oil Co has a storage facility located at the East end of the valley.  A-1 Metals and Trotter Feed & Grain also have business in the valley.

In the middle of the valley is the Kinsey Sawmill, served by the Minieton Lumber Railroad a branch of the Minieton Railroad & Lumber Co.



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Vines are used to visually separate the Minieton Railroad from the Minieton Logging Railroad..

Looking at Kinsey Valley from the Mid Yard limit.    I have put in the ground cover including the Static Grass.  It will be removed upon erecting the buildings which will go there, eventually.   You can see the fence which separates the Minieton Railroad from the Minieton Logging lines.  The big blank brown spot will have the Sawmill, Office and Freight building. 


A new water tank  for the Lumber Railroad located at the end of the wye.


The gravel road over the Logging Railroad Wye.

The Oak trees in Kinsey Valley are my own make of wire formed tree.  Covered in Fiber Paste.  Stained and painted, with scenery foam and leaf material applied.  They represent a Hybrid oak tree only found in the valley.