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Kinsey Station

This is my newest building on the layout.  It is a copy of the Ophir Station. I named it thus after Darius Kinsey a well known photographer at the turn of the 1900’s for photographing the railroads and logging operations.  The photos here show where the station is to be finally installed. I have recently purchased some eye candy for the front of the station when it finally goes into place such as a really nifty baggage scale and baggage cart for use by the REA office. I did take modelers license with the roof on this station. It had some really cheezy paper shingles to glue on, I opted for the tin roof and used styrene sheets and strips for it. The signal order is from the defunct Grandt Line, which was in a larger order I had made to them at one time and was a freebie in the order.  I chose the color scheme to match my home, green and yellow.  I have several exterior lights, goose neck type, yet to be installed.