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The D&RGW, ran on this line until 1951. It was nearly forgotten. 

The MR&L  bought all the right of way, rolling  stock, buildings, towns, birds and bees.  With a bit of capital from the stockholders, a "refreshment" campaign was launched.  All the rolling stock was  re-lettered with the Minieton Railroad & Lumber name. Being a thrifty bunch of old guys they painted over the  D&RGW logos and name with the new MR&L roadname.  Much of the trackage was improved, in general, a much  needed face lift was given the line.  The terms of the  sale with the D&RGW was that all rolling stock and property on the line at the time of the signing of the contract would be  included in the sale and become the property of the MR&L.  Now unbeknownst to the D&RGW, there were 4 engines  and rolling stock which happened to be at the Juanita  yard at the time of sale.  The engines were; 1 K37 - #497, 3 K28's #473, #476, #477.  These pieces of equipment were not known to be in the Minieton area but it seemed that a landslide blocked the  trackage at the Elson curve and the equipment was delayed for 72 hours, during the time of the contract signing. The contract was completed and legally binding and the trapped equipment was now the property of the MR&L.  A  bonus for them and a loss for the D&RGW.   The MR&L later bought at scrap prices the following engines; K-28 #475, K-27 #463 #454, C-19 #340, #344, #41. Engine #477, a K-28 was damaged by the landslide and a major repair was needed. It is now in the Engine house at Minieton.



A short synopsis of my life with the model railroad.

1956: A used Lionel Scout train set appeared magically under the Xmas tree. I have a picture of this set under the tree. It resided on a sheet of plywood under the bed. Last I saw of it was in 1969, being walked across the street in a neighbors arms. Years later I found out who had gotten it and they sold it at a garage sale. Stupid person.

1965: I received a Tyco U.S. Army  train set for Christmas.


Train Set;  Military Special

No. T6504  -  1965 tyco trains


No. T6522 -with Power Pack

Set included a US Army 0-4-0 Booster Tank Steam Enigne, 2 Flat Cars each with 2 Sherman Tanks, Ammunition Box Car, 4-wheel Communications Caboose, plus a Circle of 18" radius track.  Retail in 1965 was $18.98.  The TYCO-PAK equipped example had a $25.98 retail.

It was the neatest thing. I set it up on a half of a Ping Pong table in my bedroom. It was just an oval track plan. I put sand on it from the yard and put some Atlas buildings on it an it even had a streetlight, which was just the thing to give it that added realism.  Dreaming about  being somewhere else than where I was.  It grew a little. I added a mountain from plaster of paris and screenwire, always wanting something more to put on it.  As always it came down and it was gone when we moved, again.  A small layout came and went over the years. 

1978; After a new career started, a wife , family, and now with a house, I started the "Layout". It was HON3. Again, it was the neatest thing. I acquired a Precision Scale K28 and having never actually seen one, it was great. My layout was in the converted garage. I started the modeling for some fictitous named mine, and was going to call it the "Mini Town mine".  For some reason I was painting a sign and I misspelled, completely the name and it came out Minieton.  That name stuck.  I added an industry base to it and it was now the Minieton Lumber.  From that it grew to the Minieton Railroad & Lumber Co.  The MRL was incorporated.  It soon was replaced by  a Lionel toy train collection and layout. 

1989; Soon, as real world work took over and family responsibilities grew, my "train set" disappeared. 

2019; 30 years since the disappearance of the MR&L it is now back. 0n30 was my choice as it is bigger and I can see it  plus work on it easier.  I have retired, I have the time and place. So, on these pages you can see how this layout has progressed and how I have improved in my modeling abilities.