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The Bridges

 over the


Here being one of the greatest wonders of my world are the Bridges over the Chasm.

The transition from the Desert to the Mountain Eco system transition, I found this was the  best way I came up with to do so.  I had always wanted waterfalls and some rivers on the layout but never had room, until now.  This area lifts out so that I can reach the area behind, not the easiest way, but it works.    The rocks are from latex castings, of my own or bought molds, modeled in Plaster de Paree’.  The water effects are from Woodland Scenics plastic water and the liquid water they make.  Real rock dust and small rocks are used to litter the scene.

A Few types of bridges and trestles over the Chasm.  A Deck bridge for the logging line.  A tall trestle for the main line.  Each of the laid trackage is removable so the Chasm can be pulled out for access to the back hills.