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Boiler Shed

The Boiler and Mill engine shed by Sierra West.  I do not need to use the shed as intended.  The Sawmill will use the engine and boiler in a new building.  I will use this one as a storage shed behind the Payne Jct gas station/mercantile store.

The  building as seen here is board on board construction, which means no laser cut parts as each board was cut to fit.  The shingle roof is made from Oak veneer which comes in 1” wide rolls.  It has a glue on the back so I heat it up and it sticks forever.  Each shingle is hand cut and applied. I took some time to do.













The Boiler.  This is a large cast Resin model. I mounted it on concrete, as it will be in the Saw Mill.  After a fairly simple build I painted it flat weathered black and used chalk to give it an overall patina of rust.  I changed the  exhaust stack and made it look like sectional sheet metal tube with some rivets. You can see where the heat in the exhaust tube burns the metal more and hence more rust.

The mill engine took 4 days to complete.  I used my real concrete method to pour the footing.  It is finished in flat green paint with alcohol and ink for the staining.  The look I wanted was a  piece of equipment which is being used but not too much neglected.  It may be dirty with grease and oil but works great.