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My former Portrait Studio when I was doing large format portrait photography has been transformed into the MR&L Co. offices/Layout.  Over the years of travel and junk collecting I have amassed a small quantity of “relics” and have put them on display here until they rust away to nothingness. Which would be awhile, I guess.  The structure is finished off in Cedar wood as I like the way it weathers  with the colors. A corrugated metal roof  with two solar powered fans keep it a little cooler in the summer.


A pan-o-ramatic picture of my backyard revealing the location of the Outhouse.  This time of year the vegetable garden is in full growth.


A shot of the Southeast corner of the office.


The walls have a lot of nice relics. A few named here.

Sierra Nevada logging camp items, a water pot, condensed milk cans with the lead plug, various hand tools and  a Log Cabin Syrup tin.  Some mining core samples from the Juanita mine in New Mexico.  Mechanical saw blade, turn buckles and horse drawn wagon items. Tools from the D&RGW RR  in Colorado with Narrow Gauge spikes. Tractor wheel and a few line insulators.

Gold Mine shaft buckets from the American Girl Mine in the desert of So. California near Yuma AZ. A water pump which pumps water from the barrel, tent heating stove and a Totem Pole carved by a friend.