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In the beginning I created a railroad.  I made it out of a wood table, screen wire, Plaster De Paree’.  Times have changed. This time I used styrofoam for the base with cork roadbed on the top. I hand laid most of the track. Handmade 95% of the turnouts. I laughed at the foam at first then I realized it was, for me the easiest to make a mess and mistakes with. I can and have changed it several times and it goes back together pretty easy with its cool hot glue. The  present layout started in the house in a spare bedroom, I moved it out to my former photo studio and it grew. I  use the NCE DCC power system and JMRI for control of my railroad. I am going to go Dead Rail for several of the smaller engines as they do not operate on the track too well. I.e. the switcher, Climax, Shay.

First Page - 2010 -June 2013

Second Page - June 2013  -  February 2014

T hird Page  - 2015 - 2020

Fourth Page  - 2020- 2021

The building my layout is in.

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