Lumber Side

Breaking into the shed next to the railroad building opened up a sizable addition to my layout. I was able to make a new circuit for the main line operations with two new station stops and two team tracks and passing sidings.

The BIG new item is the ability to install the Sawmill and the adjacent buildings that go with it. A new track plan for the Lumber side of life includes a Wye and log offloading tracks.  The two track plans, the main line and lumber do not intermingle.


Additional LED lighting and soffits installed to match the rest of the layout.

The shelf layout is where the logging trains operate in a new area named Timber View.

The log car empties are pushed into the loading area where the load of logs are put on the cars. The train is made up and hauled down the mountain to the sawmill. The journey takes a trip around almost the whole layout to complete.


Laying down ballast is fairly easy with no obstuctions yet. I have been making my own ballast now for some time. Using an old wheat grinder I take small rocks from various places and make it the size I want.   I use a mix of white glue with water. I use a ratio of about 60/40, more water for thinner glue. I pre-wet the ballast, then apply the glue.

These ballast rocks are from the Durango, Colorado area scooped up from a slide area on the way to Silverton along the highway.