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In the beginning I created a railroad.  I made it out of a wood table, screen wire, Plaster De Paree’.  Times have changed. This time I used styrofoam for the base with cork roadbed on the top. I hand laid most of the track. Handmade 95% of the turnouts. I laughed at the foam at first then I realized it was, for me the easiest to make a mess and mistakes with. I can and have changed it several times and it goes back together pretty easy with its cool hot glue. The  present layout started in the house in a spare bedroom, I moved it out to my former photo studio and it grew. I  use the NCE DCC power system and JMRI for control of my railroad. I am going to go Dead Rail for several of the smaller engines as they do not operate on the track too well. I.e. the switcher, Climax, Shay.

The building my layout is in.

Scroll down for the timeline of the layout.

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 I do have two very tight curves as I made them for the Bachmann engines.  The MMI engines will make it after some fancy rework of the pilot and rear trucks. This picture shows the main line on the bottom. the Logging layout is on the upper level. The larger equipment cannot go there.

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Handlaid code 100 track  with all new handmade turnouts and reconfigure of the Yard.

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The Great Railroad Add-on has started.

The back wall was cut thru and the layout chopped in half and extended another 12’. This makes a total  depth of the layout 30’.

An addition of a bigger yard is now possible.  

The logging part of the MR&L has changed its route also.  This means more room for another town and logging mill.


From the back of the layout to the front door.

Here will be one large trestle on the main line and a smaller one adjacent on the logging route.

February 2013

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Starting the scenery.  A large sandstone hill in the center with two tunnels and a cut on the side.  Here it looks  worse than it really is.

March 2013


Starting  the mine area  and planning the uphill for the logging are yet to come.

April 2013

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The base for the mine is in and finishing up the track layment up and down from there.

May 2013


Finally the suspended ceiling is in place.

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And new ceiling over the back of the layout and work bench area.

June 2013


Expanding the scenery. The old turntable removed by the MR&L Co. .

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September 2013

The yard with new ground cover.

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The addition of the Elson Mine.

October 2013

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The  Second Great Train addon has started.  The structure for the lumber part of the MRL&Co.

February 2014

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The addition of a new facia.  A color change also from black to sanstone to lighten up the area.  New switch plates and new mountings for the NCE controllers.  Finish painting the blue for sky at rear of layout room.

 2015 - 2016


The addition of a new 4 stall engine repair facility.  It took 8 months to build.  It includes the 4 stall roundhouse, yard, turntable and warehouse.




The addition of a new Mid Yard Logging engine repair building along with a mainline water tower and coal facility.

A major project was undertaken. Removal of the metal fascia around the layout. Painting of the ceiling and adding LED lighting along with the ceiling soffits. The back side wall was cut thru for an addition into another room for layout expansion.  This removed the bookshelf Logging layout from the walls of the main layout area, opening it up for better viewing and operation.

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Changing the scenery at the curve cut to match the rest of the canyon walls and adding new buildings and lighting to the Elson Mine.



Progress with the new logging area is in full swing. 


Breaking the back wall out and moving the logging layout to the rear.  Now a place for the Sawmill. A WYE for the logging layout and a station stop for the main line with added sidings and passing track.

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